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Profile : Shahid

Shahid began his salsa journey in 2001 whilst living in London when persuaded to attend a local salsa class and has not looked back since.

Living in London he was fortunate enough to count some of Europe's best teachers and performers as his mentors, Super Mario, Susanna Montero, Marchant Birch, Leon Rose, Tamambo. "I was so lucky to have these guys as my teachers, learning from the best of the best these professionals not only instilled in me the absolute essentials of dance but the energy, passion and desire to go with it. This passion, energy and desire took me to travelling to Salsa Congresses around the world to further enhance my dance capabilities by being able to adapt to different styles and seek even more guidance from the worlds best teachers. I have been fortunate enough to attend congresses in Spain and Prague, the highlight of my travels being the Los Angeles Salsa Congress where I was able to mingle, dance and learn from the world's best. Johnny Vasquez, Edie the salsa freak, Al Espinoza and Alex de Silva to name but a few. It wasn't long before I was soon being asked to teach and perform in London. The beginning of this was in 2005 where I taught and performed for a charity event to raise money to help those that suffered in the tragic Asian earthquake". At the end of 2006 Shahid moved back to his hometown of Cardiff where he found that his advanced style of dance and teaching obtained during his time away was much in demand. "I am now fortunate enough to be in a situation where I can pass on so much of what I have learnt in the style that I was fortunate enough to be taught in. Breaking down moves, explaining leads, technique and the basic essentials of timing and listening to and dancing to the music, whilst also ensuring people don't fall into bad habits, but above all making it fun and bringing that energy, passion and desire out of my students".

Call/Text or email for details of classes in and around Cardiff.

Shahid is also available for hire for private lessons and private functions.

Contact : Shahid on 07800 565651 or sktrad@hotmail.com.